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Delete your Gmail account

Create Gmail knows, it's possible that more than once a person will want to delete your email account, as he has others or does not need it, but whatever it is, even if you know all the benefits you have having a Gmail account, you want to delete the Gmail account, so this tutorial will help you eliminate completely, you can Create a Gmail account not having thought you were going to delete.


But as everything is happening in this world and so you have to be aware of what you are doing, for this reason we have to consider this tutorial and follow each step:

To begin, you must enter this address must enter with the account you are deleting what you need to be very careful.

After that, you need to press Data Tools of what can be found at the top of your account, you have to press Delete Products, then you must be pressing Gmail Delete permanently.

With this you can delete your e-mail and if nobody can access your personal information.

If you were wrong to remove your email address, you will be able to recover it, but if you do it as soon as possible, because after several months and you will not recover your account. All data creates Gmail.

So the best thing is that you are aware of what you are doing and you will not have any accidents and delete an account by mistake is not a small problem, because if you recover, you only recover the name and not the content.


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